Lee Westwood – Best Professional Golfer

Lee Westwood is an English professional golfer who is a member of the US PGA Tour and the European Tour where he stands at joint eighth in terms of events won in the all time list with 23 titles. Westwood is one of the most consistent players on the Tour and is one of a very select few to have a tournament in all the major continents of the world.

A former world number one, Westwood is considered as one of the greatest players never to have won a major title in his long career.

Born in Nottinghamshire, Westwood played all kinds of sports during his childhood, including cricket, football and rugby but it was golf that interested him the most. Westwood had a much later start in the sport than many of his peers, picking up his first golf club when he was 13 years old. However, less than two years later, he became the junior champion in his county and went on to win his first amateur title in 1990. After winning the British Youth Championship in 1993, Lee Westwood turned professional. (more…)

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