Poppleton Will Defend Lee Westwood Trophy

Nick Poppleton of Wath will begin the defense of the Lee Westwood Trophy on Tuesday at Rotherham, maintained by his performance recently in the amateur championship of the English men.


At The Berkshire, Poppleton with the help of his spectacular shorts reached the semi-finals. He lost by Todd Clements (Braintree), he was the winner of the event, and the loss happened, and the loss was the matter of just one hole.

The narrow defeat of Poppleton was primarily caused by penalty shots. The penalty shot applied to his scores at the first two holes, and it happened when the player of Yorkshire County noticed that Poppleton had left a training club in his bag.

Poppleton, last year, overcame from the disappointment of being overhauled in the Yorkshire amateur championship final round. The championship held at Moortown by Ben Hutchinson (Howley Hall) to win the Lee Westwood Trophy, the highest profile amateur competition of South Yorkshire. He will try to do the same this week as well in the event’s 13th staging that has the field of 141 players from all over the region and also beyond.

On the other hand, Sam Haywood 2015 winner will attempt to engrave his name once again on the trophy. He has returned to the course, which is like the home course for him after a long period of time. By this time, Haywood was acting as the caddie of Danny Willett. He took the bag of Willett in May after the champion of 2016 Masters separated with his then caddie, Jonathan Smart. However, Jonathan Smart will also be seen competing in the Westwood Trophy.

And he is not the only one caddie. Steve Brotherton, the Another Tour caddie, who bag man for David Howell, is also participating in the event and he will be seen teeing it up in the Westwood Trophy.